5th EARSeL SIG IS workshop
“IMAGING SPECTROSCOPY: innovation in environmental research”
08.30 – 10.15
Registration and welcome coffee
10.15 – 10.55
Opening Session - Ambassadeur: VITO (I. Reusen), EARSeL (R. Goossens), ISPRS (J. Van Genderen), Belgian Science Policy (D. Fonteyn)
10.55 – 11.25
Keynote speaker: Eyal Ben-Dor “Imaging Spectroscopy: Time for the giant to wake up!”
11.25 – 11.55
Keynote speaker: Andreas Müller “The Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program (EnMAP) - Current status”
11.55 – 12.00
Group photo
12.00 – 13.30
Lunch – De Witte Roos
13.30 – 15.10
Session 1 - Ambassadeur: Sensors and missions I
(Chairman: R. Meynart)
ASI-CSA Joint Development Phase for a Hyperspectral Mission, Galeazzi C. , A. Hollinger, V. De Cosmo, M. Menenti, K. Staenz, J. Beck, M. Bergeron, C. Ananasso, R. Loizzo and M. Maszkiewicz
ALISEO: An Imaging Interferometer on Micro-Satellite for Earth Observation, Barducci A., F. Castagnoli, V. De Cosmo, D. Guzzi, P. Marcoionni and I. Pippi
The current status of the APEX project,  J. Nieke, K. Itten, K. Meuleman, and the APEX team
ARES - The New Airborne Hyperspectral Sensor at DLR, Holzwarth S., A. Müller, M. Bachmann, P.Gege and P. Haschberger
EO-HALO, an Earth observation mission for regional studies in Europe, Nieke J., K. Itten, W. Mauser, N. Oppelt, T. Ruhtz, J. Fischer, H. Kaufmann, S. Holzwarth, A. Müller, T. Heege, M. Vohland, J. Hill and H. Ziereis
15.10 – 15.30
Coffee – De Witte Roos
15.30 – 16.40
Session 2/3 - Ambassadeur: Market now and tomorrow/ Users vs providers: gap or match?
(Chairwoman: C. Petit)
Keynote speaker: Alex Held “Operational Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy: Market and User Expectations, and Technical Challenges”

Commercial/operational hyperspectral imaging: Some perspectives from an instrument provider, Baarstad I. (NEO)

Towards an improved access to hyperspectral data across Europe (HYRESSA), Reusen I.
16.40 – 17.30
Poster introductions (Chairman: P. Kempeneers)
18.15 – 19.45
Workshop Reception – City Hall of Bruges
08.50 – 10.30
Session 4 - Ambassadeur: Sensors and missions II
(Chairman: K. Itten)
Development of CMOS Active Pixel Sensors for Earth Observation, Bogaerts J., P. De Moor, K. De Munck, D. Sabuncuoglu Tezcan and C. Van Hoof
Keystone detection in hyperspectral sensors, Dell'Endice F. and J. Nieke
The INTA AHS: update on instrument features and data processing chain, Fernández-Renau A., J.A. Gómez, E. de Miguel
Determining the directional response and field of view of two field spectroradiometers, Mac Arthur A., C. MacLellan and T. Malthus
Belgian Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy campaigns: an overview, Meuleman K., C. Petit and J. Vandenabeele
10.30 – 10.50
Coffee – De Witte Roos
10.50 – 12.40
Parallel Session 5 -Vives: Water and aquatic ecosystems
(Chairman: R. Reuter)
Keynote speaker: Sam Purkis "Remote sensing the statistics of coral reef landscapes: the pattern in the patches"
Atmospheric and water column corrections of AVIRIS data for hyperspectral characterization of benthic marine communities in Puerto Rico, Armstrong R., L. Guild, F. Gilbes and Y. Detrés
Comparisons of the accuracies of airborne spectrometer and satellite mapping of temperate marine benthic habitats, Carmichael D and T. Malthus
Hyperspectral seafloor mapping and direct bathymetry calculation using HYMAP data from the Ningaloo Reef and Rottnest Island areas in Western Australia, Heege T., P. Hausknecht and H. Kobryn
Retrieval of suspended sediment concentration in the Scheldt over the tidal cycle, Knaeps E., S. Sterckx, M. Bollen, K. Trouw and R. Houthuys
10.50 – 12.50
Parallel Session 6 - Ambassadeur: Terrestrial ecosystems I
(Chairman: J. Clevers)
Estimating canopy water content using imaging spectroscopy, Clevers J. et al.
Development of robust hyperspectral indices for detection of deviations from normal plant state, Delalieux S., J. van Aardt, P. Zarco-Tejada, P. Kempeneers and P. Coppin

Detection of vegetation stress characteristics in open cast lignite mining area Goitzsche/central Germany  using hyperspectral remote sensing data, Götze C. and C. Gläßer

Development of a classification algorithm for differentiation of vegetation status in semi-arid environments using multi-temporal HyMap data, Spengler D., S. Chabrillat, H. Kaufmann, P. Escribano and M. Bachmann
Investigating species specific spectral-site-age interactions in managed, even-aged Eucalyptus plantations using hyperspectral data, van Aardt J. and M. Norris-Rogers
Assessing canopy PRI, chlorophyll fluorescence in-filling and thermal imagery for water stress detection with diurnal airborne hyperspectral data and a 3D model, Zarco-Tejada P., L. Suárez, O. Pérez-Priego, G. Sepulcre-Cantó, J.R. Miller, J.C. Jiménez Muñoz and J. Sobrino
12.50 – 14.00
Lunch – De Witte Roos
14.00 – 15.30
Poster Session - Ambassadeur (Chairman: P. Kempeneers)
15.30 – 16.00
Coffee – De Witte Roos
16.00 – 17.40
Parallel Session 7 - Vives: Geology, mineralogy and soil
(Chairman: F. van der Meer)
Classification of a sandy beach by means of airborne imaging spectroscopy, Deronde B., P. Kempeneers, L. Bertels, R. Houthuys, V. Van Lancker and J.-P. Henriet
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing as a Tool for Geological Exploration - Examples from the Northern Danakil Depression, Eritrea, Gersman R, E. Ben-Dor, M. Beyth, D. Avigad, M. Abraha and K. Alem
The use of hyperspectral remote sensing data for the assessment of chemical properties of dryland soils in SE-Spain, Jarmer T., J. Hill and S. Mader
Quantification of soil variables linked with land degradation using imaging spectroscopy, Richter N., S. Chabrillat and H. Kaufmann
Retrieval of physical properties of mudflat sediments from hyperspectral data using the Modified Gaussian Model and spectral curve fitting, Verpoorter C., V. Carrère and M. Robin
16.00 – 18.00
Parallel Session 8 - Ambassadeur: Terrestrial ecosystems II
(Chairman: J. Van Genderen)
Angular Photochemical Reflectance Index estimates derived from ground-based diurnal course data and multiangular CHRIS-PROBA data: two case studies, Aé A., J. Verrelst, Z. Malenovský, R. Zurita-Milla, J. Hanus, M. Marek and M. Schaepman
Retrieving canopy structure from hyperspectral multi-angular satellite data, Schlerf M., J. Hill, B. Koetz, M. Kneubühler and A. Skidmore
Estimating continuous vegetation fields in an arid ecosystem using a coupled leaf-canopy reflectance model at different spatial/spectral scales, Hill J. and S. Mader
Optical differences between sun exposed and shaded Norway spruce needles Homolova L.,
Z. Malenovsky, Z. Lhotakova, V. Kaplan and J. Hanus
Retrieving canopy variables by radiative transfer model inversion, Dorigo W., F. Baret, R. Richter, R. Ruecker, M. Schaepman and A. Müller
Combining multi-angular hyperspectral remote sensing data for chlorophyll retrieval in orchards, Kempeneers P., J. Chan, P. Zarco-Tejada, S. De Backer, F. Canters and P. Scheunders
19:00 – 22.00
09.00 – 10.20
Session 9 - Ambassadeur: Image processing
(Chairman: A. Müller)
Optimizing the workflow for APEX LEVEL2/3 processing, Schlaepfer D. and J. Nieke
Including Quality Measures in an Automated Processing Chain for Airborne Hyperspectral Data, Bachmann M., M. Habermeyer, S. Holzwarth, R. Richter and A. Müller
Image processing workflows for airborne remote sensing, Biesemans J., S. Sterckx, E. Knaeps, K. Vreys, S. Adriaensen, J. Hooyberghs and B. Deronde
Improving anisotropy correction for airborne imaging spectrometers, using a LIDAR DSM and angular spectral measurements, Feingersh T., E. Ben-Dor and S. Filin
Spectral calibration and atmospheric correction of ultra-fine spectral and spatial resolution remote sensing data. Application to CASI-1500 data, Guanter L., L. Alonso and J. Moreno
10:20 – 10.50
Coffee – De Witte Roos
10.50 – 12.50
Parallel Session 10 - Ambassadeur: Image analysis methods I
(Chairman: A. Nielsen)
The influence of bidirectional reflectance in airborne hyperspectral data on spectral angle mapping and linear spectral mixture analysis, Langhans M., S. van der Linden, A. Damm and P. Hostert
Numerical minimisation and Artificial Neural Networks: Two different approaches to retrieve parameters from a canopy reflectance model, Vohland M. and S. Mader
Automatic normalization of multi-temporal, hyperspectral data, Nielsen A. and M. Canty
Monitoring FFH conservation areas with imaging spectroscopy: combining discrete and non-discrete approaches, Weiß C. and S. Schmidtlein
Towards an optimized use of the spectral angle space, S. van der Linden, B. Waske and P. Hostert
Ensemble classifiers for hyperspectral classification, Chan J. and F. Canters
10.50 – 12.30
Parallel Session 11 - Vives: Terrestrial ecosystems III
(Chairman: S. de Jong)
Optimal scales to analyse natural vegetation in hyperspectral imagery, Nijland W. and A. Addink
LAI estimation from Earth Observation data: an operative approach, Vuolo F., L. Dini and G. D'Uurso
Characterizing peatland surface heterogeneity using hyperspectral airborne remote sensing data, Mohammed A. and T. Malthus
A decision tree approach for predicting the degree of humification of organic soils using simulated HyMap data, Alroichdi A., J. McMorrow and M. Evans
An update system for urban biotope maps based on hyperspectral remote sensing data, Bochow M., K. Segl and H. Kaufmann
12.50 – 14.00
Lunch – De Witte Roos
14.00 – 15.40
Session 12 - Ambassadeur: Image analysis methods II
(Chairman: A. Held)
Object definition for aboveground biomass and Leaf Area Index estimation, Addink E., S. de Jong and E. Pebesma
2nd Generation of RSL's Spectrum Database "SPECCHIO", Nieke J., J. Schopfer, M. Kneubühler, A. Hüni and K. Itten
Improved object recognition by fusion of Hyperspectral and SAR data, Borghys D., M. Shimoni, M. Milisavljevic and C. Parneel
Hyperspectral remote sensing of aerosol plumes: a semi analytical model, Alakian A., R. Mario and X. Briottet
Use of imaging spectroscopy and data fusion for detecting aerosols from biomass burning events, McCubbin I., D. Schlaepfer and P. Arnott
15.40 – 16.00
Closing Session – Ambassadeur
VITO (Ils Reusen)
EARSeL (Andreas Müller)
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Sensors and missions
Evaluation of quality and information content of CHRIS hyper-spectral images
Aiazzi B., A. Barducci, S. Baronti, D. Guzzi, C. Lastri, P. Marcoionni, I. Pippi, L. Santurri and M. Selva
HYPER experiment to test biomass burning using the potassium emission technique
Amici S., F. Aversa, A. Bartoloni, F. Buongiorno, R. Bianchi, M. Dami and V. Lombardo
Evaluating the information content of the AHS MIR Bands
de Miguel E., M. Jimenez, E. Prado and C. Robles
Characterizing noise in AHS Thermal Bands
de Miguel E., O. Gutierrez and J. Gomez
DLR flight facilities - platforms and know how for airborne research
Hausold A., M. Krautstrunk, H. Finkenzeller, S. Schröder and R. Kösters
Thermal imaging spectroscopy: present technology and future dual-use applications
Shimoni M., F. van der Meer and M. Acheroy
Geological mapping on Mars by spectral and spatial segmentation of OMEGA data
van der Werff H., F. van Ruitenbeek and T. Zegers
The ARES Project: A Review of Sensor Requirements and Achieved Performance, Cocks T., P. Purdy and A. Stewart
Market now and tomorrow / Users vs Providers: gap or match?
Evaluation of user-oriented attractiveness of imaging spectroscopy data using the benefit-value analysis (BVA) methodology
Nieke J., K. Itten, I. Reusen and S. Adriaensen
- Development of the Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Marketplace: A Perspective from Down Under, Cocks T., P. Hausknecht, P. Cocks and M. Hussey
Terrestrial ecosystems
Measuring around the tree, does it matter? Effects of tree-side difference on chlorophyll and reflectance properties
Addink E. and S. de Jong
Classification of vegetation cover type in the semi-arid Sierra de Gador Mountains using Spectral mixture analysis
Daebel A., N. Richter, S. Chabrillat and H. Kaufmann
Response of hyperspectral vegetation indices to vegetation architecture and background soil for estimation of leaf area index
Darvishzadeh R., A. Skidmore and C. Atzberger
Quantifying the spectral variability of arid ecosystems
Escribano P., C. Oyonarte, A. Palacios-Orueta and S. Chabrillat
Estimation of leaf area index using optical field instruments and imaging spectroscopy
Gonsamo A., G. Schaepman-Strub, L. Kooistra and M. Schaepman
Drought risk assessment of wheat fields by means of Hyperspectral imagery
Huber K., J. Eitzinger, P. Rischbeck, W. Schneider and Ph. Weihs
Classification of Blanket Mire Microhabitats using Spectral Library, Lidar and Hyperspectral Data
Dowens J., L. Belyea and T. Malthus
Coupled ground-based hyperspectral vegetation indices and principle component analysis (PCA) to diagnosis biophysical parameters of tropical irrigated wetland rice at West-Java, Indonesia
Evri M., M. Sadly, M. Frederik, T. Akiyama
The Characterisation of Heather Canopy and Foliar Sample Hyperspectral Reflectance
Mac Arthur A. and T. Malthus
Towards the assessment of carbon sequestration in peatlands: Estimation of the fractional cover of three plant functional types
Menken M., G. Schaepman-Strub, J. Limpens and M. Schaepman
AISA imaging of vegetation communities indicative of soil moisture at a clear-cut site in Finnish Lapland
Middleton M., and R. Sutinen
Modelling biochemical concentrations of grassland habitats from in situ and imaging spectroscopy data
Psomas A., M. Kneubühler, S. Huber, K. Itten and N. Zimmermann
Comparing vegetation indices and radiative transfer model inversion for the estimation of chlorophyll in cotton fields in Uzbekistan using Proba-1/CHRIS imagery and field spectrometer data
Ruecker G. and W. Dorigo
Use of imaging spectroscopy to map vegetation hydraulic resistance in river floodplains
Suárez L., L. Kooistra and M. Schaepman
Detection and classification of vegetation patterns in thornbush savannas (Namibia) from hyperspectral data using geobiophysical indicators and object-oriented methods
Wouters K., L. Lieckfeld, J. Oldeland and A. Müller
Spectral properties of Montane, agriculturally, extensively used plants
Zagajewski B.
Regularization methods for the retrieval of vegetation parameters in the context of the ill-posed problem: multiple remote sensing data inversion
Berjón A., V. Cachorro, P. Zarco-Tejada, A. de Frutos and S. Hernández
Hyperspectral characterisation of arable crop stress associated with buried gas pipeline earthworks
White D, C. Williams and S. Barr
Crop type classification by Hyperion data and unmixing algorithm
Fahimnejad H., S. Soofbaf, A. Alimohammadi and M. Zoej
Mapping dune valley vegetation using imaging spectroscopy for Ameland, the Netherlands
Meddens A., L. Kooistra, A. Schmidt, H. van Dobben, M. Schaepman and P. Slim
Exploring the Potential of Hyperspectral Sensors to monitor Crop Load in Citrus Orchards - A ground-based study on "Midknight" Valencia orange trees (Citrus sinensis L. cv. Midknight) in Wellingthon, South Africa
Somers B., A. Vanden Eynde, S. Delalieux, W. Verstraeten and P. Coppin
Geology, mineralogy and soil
Assessment of laboratory, field and airborne spectral sensors to determine organic carbon content in agricultural soil: performance and disturbing factors
Stevens A., B. van Wesemael, H. Bartholomeus, D. Rosillon, B. Tychon and E. Ben-Dor
Capability to quantify pedochemical parameters using spectroscopic data of semi-arid soils in the Otjozondjupa region, Central Namibia
Eisele A., M. Bachmann and A. Müller
Hyperspectral image data analysis for soil erosion modeling in agricultural ecosystems
Gerighausen H. and E. Borg
Mapping of Soil Salinity Using a Combined Hyperspectral and EM Approach
Goldshleger N., M. Eshel, V. Mirlas and E. Ben-Dor
Bio-physical Characterization of Indicators of Sediment Stability in mudflats using Remote Sensing (CISS)
Adam S., A. De Backer, J. Monbaliu, E. Toorman and M. Vinckx
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of the Environmental Impact of Historic and Modern Industrial Activities in the Meuse Valley (Liège, Belgium)
Dardenne V., F. Cacéres, E. Bonino, B. Campanella and E. Pirard
Detection of acid drainage effects around Rosia Poieni mine in Romania using ASTER images
Dardenne V., F. Cacéres, H. Hansen, E. Bonino and E. Pirard
Salinity modelling by inverted Gaussian parameters of soil reflectance spectra
Farifteh J., F. van der Meer, S. De Jong and M. van der Meijde
Weathering of surfaces in a temperate climate: geological mapping using VIS-NIR hyperspectral remote sensing
Roy R., P. Launeau, V. Carrère and Ch. Ducommun
Using Hyperion hyperspectral data for mineral research and geological mapping: A case study in Dana national reserve, Jordan
Dadon A., A. Karnieli and E. Ben-Dor
Thresholding of Classification Rule Images
Hecker Ch., H. van der Werff, J. Kooistra and M. van de Meijde
Risk management
Measuring pollutant gases using VNIR and TIR imaging spectroscopy
Shimoni M., R. Heremans, F. van der Meer and M. Acheroy
Urban environment
Classification of materials in sunny and shadowed urban area
Lachérade S., Ch. Miesch, D. Boldo, X. Briottet, H. Le Men and Ch. Valorge
Hyperspectral Technology in Urban Vegetation Analysis
Jung A. and C. Gläßer
Image processing
Development of an atmospheric correction method of hyperspectral image using MODTRAN
Kim S-H, S-J Kang, J-H Chi and K-S Lee
Image analysis methods
A user-oriented tool for advanced classification of hyperspectral data using support vector machines
Janz A., S. van der Linden, B. Waske and P. Hostert
Land Cover Types of Fordata Island using CASI Hyperspectral and Terra-ASTER Imagery
Frederik M., H. Sanjaya, M. Sadly, Y. Wahyudi, D. Yusuf, I. Farahidy, L. Bertels, E. Knaeps, S. Sterckx, K. Meuleman, B. Deronde.
Water and aquatic ecosystems
Validation of atmospheric correction of MODIS 1Km and 250m resolution over Belgian turbid coastal waters
Nechad B., B. van Mol and K. Ruddick
Investigation of the potential of hyperspectral sensors for bathymetry applications using airborne Hymap data from Lake Constance
Yanez L., P. Gege, T. Heege and M. Schaepman
Mapping of coral reefs using hyperspectral CASI data; A case study: Fordata, Tanimbar, Indonesia, Bertels L., T. Vanderstraete, S. Van Coillie, E. Knaeps, S. Sterckx, R. Goossens and B. Deronde
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