5th EARSeL SIG IS workshop
“IMAGING SPECTROSCOPY: innovation in environmental research”


VITO, the Flemish institute for technological research, is an independent research centre, a crossroads of knowledge where the latest technologies and practical applications meet.

VITO conducts customer oriented contract research and develops innovative products and processes in the fields of energy, environment and materials, and this for both the public and the private sector. Central to all projects are protecting the environment and encouraging sustainable use of energy and raw materials, because we think that everyone, including those to come after us, has the right to a healthy living and working environment.

Thus VITO’s mission is defined as follows: As an independent and customer-oriented research organization, VITO provides innovating, technological solutions and offers scientifically founded advice and support, to stimulate sustainable development and also to enforce the economic and social structure in Flanders.

Website: http://www.vito.be

Belgian Federal Science Policy Office

The Belgian Federal Science Policy Office is a federal administration of Belgium, which has the following missions:

  • preparation, execution and evaluation of science policy
  • in particular, on Belgian Government instructions, implementation of scientific and technical means in support of Federal Authority competences
  • development of a permanent knowledge resource within scientific and technical spheres at the service of the Federal Authority.

The department's activities cover a very broad area. It manages an annual budget of about 533 million euro. Today, it has some 2.700 staff, 33% of whom are university graduates (Federal average: 19%) and 55% of whom are contractual staff. There are more or less equal numbers of women and men.

Website: http://www.belspo.be/

OIP Sensor Systems specialises in design, development and manufacture of high-end opto-electronic components and systems for security, defence and space applications.

OIP Sensor Systems is actively involved in feasibility studies, state-of-the-art development and production.

OIP Sensor Systems offers a comprehensive range of night vision systems, several types of platform mounted systems, from day-night periscopic sights to fully integrated fire control systems, thermal imagers, laser rangefinders, head mounted displays as well as systems and components for aerospace and industrial applications.

Website http://www.oip.be/


is a research and development oriented company in the field of electro optics

Norsk Elektro Optikk A/S was established in 1985 as a privately owned research oriented company within the field of electro optics. The founders had their scientific and technical background from the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, which for the last 30-40 years have been the leading research organisation in electro optics in Norway.

The company has since its start grown to be the largest independent research and development organisation in electro optics in Norway, and has in addition established itself as a manufacturer of advanced electro optical products for an international market.

The company policy may be summarised as follows:

  • Develop, manufacture and market electro optical products based on our own in-house technology.
  • Develop and manufacture electro optical products for specific customer requirements.
  • Participate in research oriented projects together with larger companies or research organisations where applications of electro optical methods are essential.
Inventech Benelux is a professional supplier of a broad offer of advanced equipment for analyses, measuring and testing.

Website: http://www.inventech.nl

ReSe Applications Schläpfer
ReSe Applications Schläpfer is a spin-off company originating from the Remote Sensing Laboratories (RSL) of the University of Zurich. It has been founded in 2000. Its major goal is the development and distribution of imaging spectroscopy and remote sensing software.

Website: http://www.rese.ch/
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